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How we are?

Founded around 1992, Grasas y Derivados S.A is located near the municipality of Ciénaga, Magdalena, on the Colombian Atlantic Coast. Given technological characteristics of the manufacturing plant and application of a development policy with a marked emphasis on research and development, it has been possible for it to project itself as one of the main African palm oil processing companies in the country and its production of crude palm oil. 

Our mission

At Gradesa S.A, our mission is it satisfy the needs and expectations of our stakeholders and to generate profitability through integrated high-tech agro-industrial production and marketing competent human talent with a sense of belonging, a comprehensive agricultural technical assistance service and a strategic geographical location. 

Our vision

In 2025, Gradesa S.A will be in the ranking of the first three companies in the vegetable oil and fat sector in the country. 

Our values

Transparency, responsability, sense of belonging, entrepreneurship, economy, self-care

Quality certifications

Gradesa S.A has adopted and implemented standards that contribute to the improvement of its processes in Quality and Harmlessness, achieving market positioning and confidence among customers. 

Our environmental management department

It has designed several programs in order to manage the different environmental problems that can be generated within the company in order to protect human health and the environment. It invites the company's personnel and visitors to fulfill some environmental duties in favor of sustainability. 

Solid Waste Program

Designed for the control, management and progressive reduction of solid waste generated in the different areas of the company. For the proper management of waste we separate them by means of a color code adopted by the company. At Gradesa we protect human health and the environment. 

Hazardous Waste Program

Designed for the control, management and progressive reduction of waste and hazardous residues generated in the industrial activities of the different operational areas of Gradesa. We give an adequate management to the waste according to the current legal regulations. 

Water saving and efficient use program

We control emissions from steam generation and fixed sources of air emissions. To avoid contamination of the environment and alteration of the health of the surrounding population. 

Atmospheric Emissions Program

With this program we seek to reduce and minimize the consumption of water resources to the necessary limits, which implies good work practices and use of technology. 


Monday - Friday

8:00 - 17:30


8:00 - 12:00 


Costado Sur "YE" de Ciénaga, Ciénaga, Magdalena, Colombia. 

Service line

 +57 310 702 1001

 +57 313 501 2021






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